Rehabs for Women


Substance Abuse Treatments Built For Women

Women in drug and alcohol rehab programs have specific physical and psychological needs that must be addressed. They experience addiction differently than men, so it makes sense that the approach to treating women should be different to ones offered to male clients.

Smaller Body Size and
Hormones Influence Treatment

Since most women are smaller in stature than men, their bodies react to the presence of chemicals differently. Their experiences with mild-altering substances will be different from those of males. Hormone levels throughout their bodies play a role in how different types of drugs effect women as well.

Taking a general approach and expecting it to be effective for all clients who are looking to gain sobriety after abusing alcohol or drugs doesn’t take into account that each person who comes into treatment has individual needs and goals. For best results, an individualized treatment plan is the best approach.


If You Want To Recover From Addiction, Rehab Could Help…

    Trauma a Common Thread

    Women seeking drug and alcohol treatment often share that they have experienced physical, emotional or sexual trauma with their counselors. This underlying issue is an important factor that must be addressed as part of the treatment process.

    A treatment program that is specifically for female clients creates an atmosphere where women can be open about their prior experiences. Therapy to address the trauma is often required for women to recover and move on. Group counseling sessions, along with art or music therapy allow women to experience their emotions and express them in a supportive environment.

    Dual Diagnosis Can be Addressed

    A number of female clients are dealing with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol as well as a mental health concern such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or schizophrenia. A treatment center equipped to treat both conditions will evaluate a client carefully and offer addiction treatment and mental health care simultaneously.

    This two-pronged approach to treatment is very effective, since the mental health concern can’t be left without treatment until the client is in recovery. Someone with a substance abuse issue may continue to use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their mental illness, making it more difficult to treat.

    Rehabs for women can offer the type of services this part of the population needs to effectively treat their substance abuse issues. When clients are also dealing with a personal history that includes trauma or are living with a mental illness, specialized care is necessary to give them the best chance to move toward a successful recovery.






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