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Substance Abuse Treatment Options For Men

Recovery from substance abuse is a highly personal process, and people of both genders can have much different needs and expectations when they come into treatment. Substance abuse is more common among men and it looks different for them than women. Each gender tends to start using chemicals for different reasons, and men generally seek help later in their addiction than women. All these factors mean that a gender-specific program for men only can address this client group’s specific needs.

Substance Abuse Treatment
Targeted Toward Men

A targeted treatment program narrows its focus so that it can offer a more individualized approach to each client. Men who are struggling with drug abuse or alcoholism generally feel more comfortable in a treatment program where they do not have to hold their emotions in check. For a number of them, having female clients present makes them uncomfortable, especially if they began using drugs or alcohol as a result of sexual abuse or exploitation.

If a man finds it difficult to talk about the underlying reason he started using chemicals during group therapy in a mixed group, it will be more difficult for him to get the benefit out of this form of help. With a male-only group, it can be easier for men to talk about their experiences, whether they are abuse survivors or they started drinking or doing drugs due to a breakup, stress from work or another reason.


If You Want To Recover From Addiction, Rehab Could Help…

    Treatment Program Teaches Men New Coping Skills

    As male clients participate in other forms of therapy and leisure activities while in a drug and alcohol treatment program, they develop a sense of community. This type of support is an important part of healing from addiction. The disease makes those effected isolate themselves from family members and friends while they use the chemicals to deal with painful emotions.

    By working through their treatment plan, clients develop coping skills they can use when they return home. These skills help them deal with everyday stressors, as well as cravings to use.






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